Saturday, September 15, 2012

Application time, holy batman.

The application for NSLI-Y is up for the 2013-2014 prospective applicants.A part of me wants to apply saying,"You have nothing to lose", the other part is telling me Germany is where my heart is set, and where I need to give my only focus. Determining which part to listen to is a tough decision. This, internal battle over where I want to hopefully go for a gap year abroad, has undoubtedly taken over a huge chunk of my life. That, and the occasional college application that seems to slip its way into my life. Since my cultural experience in Korea, I've been thriving for more. More cultural experiences not only in Korea again, but everywhere in the world. There's this thing about culture shock that I love. I love the differences in my home country and my host country, big or small. They just,for lack of better words, excite me. The thrill of being the odd one out, the one everyone throws odd glances at, really makes you realize how foreigners must feel when they come to America. In sum of all that has been said, I just want to say: Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange and Study, I just want you to know that you may have beaten me down at the interview last year, but I don't give up that easily. I look forward to coming back this year, more fierce, and with more enthusiasm than before, and showing you what an unbelievable Ambassador and participant on one of your exchanges I can be. I have more than enough qualities to be chosen, and I'll make sure that it is known throughought my application processes and interviews. I will not succumb this year, I will do my best, I will use everything In my power to succeed, to receive something I want more than anything, something I would only be capable of doing by scholarship.