Sunday, November 18, 2012

Obstacles are those horrible things you see when you take your eyes off the goal

It's been so long! I found out that I am too old to apply to the CIEE High School program :( They got this weird "You have to be born between this year to this year" rule. BUT I can still apply to go to Germany through the Nacel Open Door application which is for high school seniors! So thumbs are pressed that I receive that! I am also looking at some YFU scholarships to go abroad. I just want to travel. End of story. Wanderlust has really gotten into me. Growing up in a small rural town in Kentucky plastered in bigotry, discrimination and ignorance and not letting what others perceive to stand in the way of that in which I aspire.. is an amazing accomplishment. If I can do it. Anyone can. Until next time! Allie

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Application time, holy batman.

The application for NSLI-Y is up for the 2013-2014 prospective applicants.A part of me wants to apply saying,"You have nothing to lose", the other part is telling me Germany is where my heart is set, and where I need to give my only focus. Determining which part to listen to is a tough decision. This, internal battle over where I want to hopefully go for a gap year abroad, has undoubtedly taken over a huge chunk of my life. That, and the occasional college application that seems to slip its way into my life. Since my cultural experience in Korea, I've been thriving for more. More cultural experiences not only in Korea again, but everywhere in the world. There's this thing about culture shock that I love. I love the differences in my home country and my host country, big or small. They just,for lack of better words, excite me. The thrill of being the odd one out, the one everyone throws odd glances at, really makes you realize how foreigners must feel when they come to America. In sum of all that has been said, I just want to say: Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange and Study, I just want you to know that you may have beaten me down at the interview last year, but I don't give up that easily. I look forward to coming back this year, more fierce, and with more enthusiasm than before, and showing you what an unbelievable Ambassador and participant on one of your exchanges I can be. I have more than enough qualities to be chosen, and I'll make sure that it is known throughought my application processes and interviews. I will not succumb this year, I will do my best, I will use everything In my power to succeed, to receive something I want more than anything, something I would only be capable of doing by scholarship.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Just some Wanna-be Koreans trying to make it in Korea for two-weeks

From wearing traditional clothing, to recieving our diplomas, CIEE and the Korea Foundation took wonderful care of us. I mean seriously... we had a feast at every meal. And I can't forget the homestay.. one of the highlights of the program. From meeting my host sister, feeling sad because of the language barrier between me and my host mom... to staying up until 3 in the morning to watch the Korea V. Japan Olympic Soccer game (KOREA WON!!) I'll never forget that experience.

Seoulful memories

I STRONGLY encourage everyone to apply to this scholarship. I went this past August and it was the best two weeks of my life. I can't find the words to accurately describe the experiences I had, so I'll simply put that it was amazing. I was so blown away at how advanced South Korea is. It definitely beat my expectations. I was genuinely surprised, too, because I never saw myself going to Asia, much less South Korea.. but there I was in South Korea. And now I can say that it's a country that I've come to love, and one that I'm definitely going to visit again. This program is ran by great people. You have nothing to lose by applying, you only have a whole new culture to embrace.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

South Korea Here I Come

Hi guys! it's been forever since I have posted. But I bring good news and bad news. I didn't get NSLI-Y, YES, or CBYX this year..but that's ok, i'm applying to them again this coming year. On a happier note, I applied to the CIEE South Korea Scholarship, and GOT IN!! I will be heading to beautiful Seoul, South Korea to spend two amazing weeks with 99 other lucky scholars. 19 days and counting. I'm nervous and excited, and AHH!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Friday everyone in the CIEE region of CBYX was notified if they were going to Germany or not! I recieved an email saying that I wasn't chosen as one of the initial 50, but that I was chosen as an alternate!! The first thing that popped into my head? THERE IS STILL HOPE! I was so happy, and I'm grateful that I've made it this far-- I hold my alternate position with Pride. Now to wait until April 13 to know for sure if i'm going!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So for NSLI-Y you get three choices, since I unfortunately did not recieve Russian year i'm hoping for China year (which was my second choice) and then of course, in 6 DAYS I hear if I get to go to Germany for a year! yeah, i'm sooooooooooooooo excited.

Anywho, I really hope I recieve one of these scholarships, because next year i'll be too old to apply to them :(

Viel Glück! to all the other CBYX 2012-2013 hopefuls!!!!! I hope to see all of you in Germany(:

Monday, March 19, 2012

NSLI-Y Adventures

SO NSLI-Y started sending out notifications last week! Russia summer heard back already, and the rest of us are still eagerly waiting to hear back!

I'm still deciding which country to choose if I get NSLI-Y and CBYX. (Russia or Germany)

It's such a tough decision because each country is just absolutey amazing!

Here is what I have decided so far:
Russia- because not many people can say that they know Russian, and it's easier to pick iup on it while i'm still young. Everyone wants to go to Germany and learn German... barely anyone wants to go to Russia and learn Russian.

But who knows, I may not get NSLI-Y and get CBYX and will spend my year abroad in Germany!


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Exciting stuff, and everything in between

Okay, so I just had my interview Saturday...and honestly.. I wasn't nervous at all.

I went in with an open mind, and with that I excelled.

They asked me general questions that I expected them to ask, and then they asked a few questions that I had to stop and think about before I answered.

After my interview, I went back to the room where we (all the other applicants and myself) played numerous "icebreaking" games. We had to build living room furniture...out of our bodies.. and we also had to create a ship that moved, with our bodies. Sounds odd, but it was A LOT of fun.
We also played this game "honey do you love me?" it was really fun, and it definitely had us all laughing.
We played many other games as well.

Then after sitting in the room getting to know each other, and listening to the alumni talk about their experiences in Germany, we went out to lunch and got to know each other even better.

I wish everyone that I met at the Lexington interview event could get the scholarship, because they were the greatest people ever. On that note, we find out April 2-- I'm so excited I can't wait.

It really hasn't hit me yet that "whoa, I could possibly be going to Germany in July, for 11 months."
I think that will settle in, If I recieve the scholarship.

Future CBYXers!
If you've reached the semifinalist stage CONGRATULATIONS! This is something to be very proud of because the people who viewed your app saw you as a potential candidate and want to know more about you! Give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it.


I know some people flip the heck out when they go into their interview, but like I mentioned earlier, I went in not nervous, just open-minded, and I excelled. Really it's just 30 minutes with two people (this varies with what region you are in.) They're not there to intimidate you, so DON'T FREAK! I even had my interviewers laughing at one point (Though what I said, I didn't really mean for it to be funny... did I tell them this? No. I was the first interview, and if making a corny joke was allowing them to have something to remember me by, then so be it.)

The questions flew by it seemed like, they asked me general questions like "If you could choose one item to take to Germany with you, what would you choose and why?"
I stopped, though I knew what I would choose already, Smiled, and said my guitar. My papaw, who is now deceased, gave me that guitar, and taught me how to play when I was 7, so it holds a multitude of sentimental value- was my answer to the question. Then they asked what I would do with the guitar in Germany, and I replied: Maybe my host family would like to learn how to play? I could definitely give them lessons!
such easy questions, I thought.

Then they asked me a few hypothetical questions, like: Your host sibling used to hang out with you a lot and take you to parties, and to hang out with their friends, but now they don't. They go to parties, and go out, but don't invite you, and when they are home, they barely talk to you. What would you do?
I, of course, replied "I will talk to my host sibling and tell them how I feel, ask them why they are so distant from now when they weren't so before, and explain to them that I feel left out, and that's not how I should be feeling"

They asked me numerous other questions as well, but sadly.. they're fading from my memory already!
Really, you can't prepare yourself. And all the other people at the interview that day agreed. It's just something you have to go into head-on, expect the least, therefore get more out of it.

Dress nice to your interview, it really shows the interviewers that you care.
Have a parent at the interview, it shows that you have a strong support system...plus they have an awesome information session at the end that can help calm your parents nerves if they are iffy about letting you go abroad.

My experience just at my interview was phenomenal, I can only imagine what Germany will hold for me!

Bis zum nächsten Mal,

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Counting down the days

I officially have THREE days until my interview.

I feel nervous, excited... and everything in between!
I really can't wait to meet everyone.

Anyways, when you come to this point in your application future CBYXers... I hope looking at serene pictures of the German countryside calms your nerves as much as it does mine!

-Side note- I took my ACT Tuesday, and I knocked it out of the park!

Also, Kony 2012 anyone?

Bis zum nächsten Mal,

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Officially starting to work on my German again!! YAY!

6 days until interview time!

less than four weeks until I hear results.


Friday, March 2, 2012

March 10 = Judgement day

March 10 is my interview for CBYX to go to Germany! It's in Lexington, and I have the very first interview at 9:00AM! Yeah, I'm nervous! But i'm ready to rock the socks off the interviewers :)!

FUTURE CBYXers: PATIENCE IS VIRTUE! please remember this, because waiting is a big part of the application process.

Also, I am an alternate for the YES Abroad scholarship, not rejected, not accepted...but i'm very proud :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012


I'M A SEMI FINALIST FOR CBYX TO GO TO GERMANY NEXT YEAR!!! (Just thought I would let you guys know)


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Did you know...?

I feel like I should explain myself a little more.

I applied to three different scholarships to go abroad:
CBYX-Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange & Study to go to Germany, though the deadline has passed, you can still always apply next year!

NSLI-Y-National Security Language Initiative for Youth. I applied for Russia year, China year, and Korea year, but they offer many other countries as well as summer length durations!

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES) Abroad- My first three choices were Bosnia&Herzegovina, Egypt, and Oman. They had many wonderful countries to choose from, and all were for a year with the exception of Mali (being only a semester)

I am a semi-finalist for the NSLI-Y scholarship and had my interview already! It was by far the best interview i've ever had, I loved my interviewer, and the interview itself was just so laid back.. nothing to worry about when you come to that point in the application proccess!

I'm eagerly awaiting the results of the other two (CBYX- THIS FRIDAY) (YES- SOMETIME IN FEBRUARY)
The links to the programs mentioned above are at the bottom of my blog!