Friday, March 1, 2013

Kennedy-Lugar YES abroad SEMI-FINALIST

I'M A SEMI-FINALIST FOR THE YES ABROAD SCHOLARSHIP!! If you couldn't already tell by my post title. I recieved my email at 7:34 PM in which it read: Dear YES Abroad Applicant, The Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Abroad consortium is pleased to inform you that the Scholarship Review Committee has chosen you as a Semi-Finalist for the YES Abroad program. It went on to discuss that the consortium is made up of American Councils, AFS, AMIDEAST and iEARN. Then the email furthered discussed the In-Person Selection Event (IPSE) There will be 120 semi-finalists this year due to the program offering more scholarships (65). The IPSE will be from March 22-24 in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Which surprised us all, because it has been in Denver for every year before except for the very first year. Still excited! I seriously wish I would have recorded my reaction to the email. I received the email and only read "We are pleased to inform..." and then ran through the house to the living room where all my friends were sitting and tackled them all. I was a shaking, crying hot mess, but only because I was so happy. I didn't even read the whole email until 25 minutes later. (I accidentally deleted it and had to go retrieve it from my trash folder)! It still seems so surreal! I can't believe I made it this far already. Last year when I applied, I didn't even make it to the semi-finalist round, I believe that's why I cried so much this time, because I truly do want this more than anything. GOING TO ROCK THAT INTERVIEW FO' SHO' And I can't wait to meet the other 119 applicants, WE'LL ALL BE BEST FRIENDS


  1. we already are best friends :)

  2. Hi Allie!
    My name is Davan, and I'm a Semi Finalist for YES abroad too! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE IPSE!!!!!
    Doesn't it feel like you've spent so much time just waiting recently? First I was waiting to see if I'd be a semi finalist, and I figured that if I did get to be a semi finalist I wouldn't be stressed about it anymore. I was so wrong! Now I'm just waiting for the IPSE instead. Sigh.
    What are your top country choices? Mine are Ghana, Oman and Turkey, in that order. I would go anywhere though!
    If you want to email me at davanhaley@gmail.com we can freak out about the IPSE and exchange in general some more!
    Good luck! (not that you'll need it)

    1. Hey Davan!!

      YAY SEMI-FINALISTS!! I definitely know what you mean, it seems like the IPSE will never get here! My email is aceveland@yahoo.com talking about exchanges and YES are two of my favorite things! :D Good luck to you too! Cannot wait to meet you in Maryland!!


  3. What what? Love from WA, See you in Chevy Chase, I would try and add you on FB but I gave it up for Lent, I AM SO EXCITED!!! AHH

    1. Hey! See you in Chevy Chase too, haha it's okay. I AM SO EXCITED TOO!!!!! AHHHHHHH

      Like, is this really our lives? Are we seriously only a step away from going abroad for a year?!

      Haha :)